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 prgrsvimg Delbert Belton an 88-year-old veteran of World War II was beaten to death outside the Eagles Lodge in Spokane, and police are looking for two young men who may be responsible for the attack
R.I.P.  Chris Lane, 23                                        R.I.P.  Delbert "Shorty" Belton, 88
Killed by "bored" black teens.                             Killed by two black teens.
During this, the week of the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr's "I Have A Dream" speech and the march on Washington, we continue to see inexplicable, unprovoked attacks by black youth on whites.  These killings aren't a response to a threat or attack.  They aren't even motivated by revenge (unless you count manufactured outrage over Trayvon a legitimate basis for revenge).  They're simply the most recent example of the disintegration of civil society.  As well as the result of decades of permissive Progressive policies of not holding people accountable to standards of behavior.
Mr. Chris Lane was a promising young Australian baseball player who came to America to attend college on a baseball scholarship.  He was shot (in the back) as he was jogging near his girlfriend's home by two black teens for no other reason than   "We were bored and didn't have anything to do, so we decided to kill somebody."
Both shooting suspects, 15-year-old James Edwards Jr., and 16-yr-old Chancey Luna, are being held in Duncan, Oklahoma without bond while the driver of the car, 17-yr-old caucasian Michael Jones, is being held on a bond of $1 million.

Decorated World War II combat veteran Delbert Belton, called "Shorty" by his friends, was killed outside a local Eagles Lodge by two local black teen boys wielding heavy flashlights.  His daughter-in-law reported that as a result of the beating he was  "......bleeding from all parts of his face."
Police have arrested one of the suspects, 16-yr-old  Demetrius Glenn.  Glenn faces charges of first-degree murder and robbery.  The teen has an extensive juvenile criminal history (malicious mischief, fourth-degree assault, driving without a license and riot with a deadly weapon) and will be tried as an adult.

The second teen involved in the attack, 16-year-old Kenan Adams Kinard, currently remains at large.

Shorty was going to the Eagles Lodge to play some pool and was reportedly waiting for a lady friend so she wouldn't have to walk the parking lot and enter the club alone and unescorted.  In other words, he was a true gentleman, in addition to being a war hero.

The punks who attacked him and left him for dead are examples of the kind of lame-ass, cowardly, wanna-be tough guys being turned out by our inner cities and a popular culture that, more and more, celebrates violence for the sake of violence.

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Those who presume to preach on the issue of racial inequality, "institutionalized racism" and the like have been remarkably silent on these attacks.  Just the same as they've been silent on other black on white violence, such as the attack by three 15-yr-old black boys on a younger 13-yr-old white kid on a school bus in Florida.

Mr. King's dream was for an America where his children and grand children would be judged according to their character, not by the color of their skin.  The actions of these teens, as well as others nationwide over the last couple of generations would no doubt have greatly distressed him.  He was a man of God, a man of justice.  As such, he would have been at the forefront of those denouncing these "young men" and their actions.  Judge them according to the "content of their character"?  They have none.  If you dare to point that out, white or black, you will be attacked as either a racist or an "Uncle Tom" betraying your race.

As long as we allow the purveyors of division to frustrate progress toward a truly "color-blind" society, Rev. King's dream will never be realized.



It just keeps getting worse.  Just up on is a story of a helpless 99-yr-old woman, murdered during a robbery by a 20-yr-old black man. 

 Poughkeepsie (poh-KIHP'-see) City Police say 20-year-old Javon Tyrek Rogers was arraigned Saturday, charged with burglary and first-degree murder in the death of Fannie Gumbinger.
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More Mayberry, Less Fallujah

 Retired Marine, Col. Pete Martino, brought down the house in a public city meeting in Concord, NH. 

"What’s happening here is we’re building a domestic military because it’s unlawful and unconstitutional to use American troops on American soil. So what we’re doing is building a military..... Homeland Security is pre-staging gear, equipment......I saw a picture in the Boston Globe during the Boston Marathon bombing, where there was a State police officer…actually there were two officers, they both had identical helmets, flak jackets, weapons, everything I wore in Iraq, only it was all blue.....we’re building a domestic army and we’re shrinking the military because the government is afraid of it’s own citizens."

"Is everybody blind?!"


You can access a printed transcript here courtesy of

New Hampshire is a very small state, yet the local chief of police attending the meeting was proposing that the city council authorize more than $250,000 for the purchase of a military-grade urban assault and response vehicle.  These BEARCATS (Ballistic Engineered Armed Response Counter Attack Trucks) appear to me more suited to the battlefield than to responding to civilian emergencies.  You can see a picture of a similar vehicle in service to the LAPD below:

Lenco BearCat

According to the petition presented by the Concord city council, such a vehicle is required to deal with "domestic terrorist threats".  One such organization specifically named as a potential domestic terrorist threat is the so-called "Free State Project" (see the mention of “Free Staters” in Section 1, paragraph B), an organization whose aim is to gather "20,000 liberty lovers" in the state of New Hampshire in order to remake the state government into one more in line with Libertarian views of liberty, freedom and personal responsibility and Constitutionally limited government.  I wonder just what it is about a small grass roots political group that so threatens the establishment?    I ask you, do these look like wild-eyed fanatics bent on a violent coup?

Free Staters in Concord

There's never been any accusation of violence or agenda of forceful overthrow of the government leveled against the group, so why does the local PD need such a vehicle?  There are such purchases being made all over the country, both in large urban areas where a plausible reason for the purchase of such vehicles as a response to increasingly violent and sophisticated gangs can be made, to the smallest of towns and counties in rural areas.

If you were to couple this with the reports over the last couple of years of seemingly out-sized purchases of automatic arms and hollow-point ammunition by government agencies that would seem to be unnecessary (the DOE, EPA, SSA and others all have made large purchases of weapons, ammunition and armored vehicles, despite the fact they have no purpose in national defense or police authority) and with Pres. Obama's declaration back in 2008:

“We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.” 

It's more than just a little concerning.  The U.S. military is prevented by the Constitution from acting domestically (excepting, of course, defense of the country against invasion by a foreign force), but there has been no mention of any such limitation, or even of accountability, on this new "Civilian National Security Force".  Little or nothing has been reported to Congress or to the public concerning the steps taken towards this goal since this first declaration.  If anything has been done, and it appears so, it's been under the cover of darkness and distraction.

"There are instruments so dangerous to the rights of the nation and which place them so totally at the mercy of their governors that those governors, whether legislative or executive, should be restrained from keeping such instruments on foot but in well-defined cases. Such an instrument is a standing army." --Thomas Jefferson


Saturday, August 10, 2013

Shut The Fuck Up

It must be something in the liberal/progressive mind that drives them to co-opt any public tragedy in order to personalize it and turn it to their own gain, whether it's political, social, financial, or a combination.

It was disappointing, but not surprising, when Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the NAACP weighed in on the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin situation in Sanford, Florida.  They make their money and maintain their political clout by playing the race card at any opportunity.  It's even more hypocritical when so-called celebrities spout off on subjects when they haven't made any effort to educate themselves as to the facts, but instead repeat the accusations and talking points of the race baiters.

These people are well aware that they wield a great deal of influence in the African-American community, and they use that influence to market themselves.  The more attention they can draw to themselves, the more money they can make; and the more controversial the subject, the more attention they stand to gain.

In the wake of the not guilty verdict in the Zimmerman trial there was an eruption of people marching wearing "We Are Trayvon" hoodies, and demanding "justice".  These marches were fueled in no small part by the number of clueless, uninformed celebrities getting on the bandwagon, in some cases even trying to personalize the shooting of Trayvon to make themselves more "relatable" to the people.

Ebony Magazine has decided to keep the pot boiling by running 4 separate covers, all referencing "We are Trayvon".  Included in the cover shots are director and racial activist Spike Lee and his son, Miami Heat star Dwayne Wade and his sons, and actor Boris Kodjoe and his son.  All wearing hoodies, of course.

Barack Obama said that Trayvon  "could've been me 30 years ago".  No surprise that a former community organizer would take any opportunity to capitalize on a public controversy and link himself to the victim.  It's a cheap and effective way of gathering support and sympathy.

The latest celebrity to wade into this mess is Oprah Winfrey.  In an interview with Nancy O'Dell on Entertainment Tonite, she gave her opinion on the Zimmerman/Martin situation and recounted her trials dealing with racism, as well as with sexism in the male power structure in media.

Give me a break.

If anyone should know better from where they speak, it's Oprah.  Born the dirt poor daughter of a black sharecropper in the segregated 50's south, she rose to become one of the richest women on the planet and the most powerful woman in media.  Her comment on the Trayvon Martin shooting?  "It's the same thing as Emmett Till".  Seriously?  This is an obscene exaggeration and an insult to the memory of a young black man brutalized and murdered in 1955 by white men who (later) bragged about their deed.  For those not up on the history of the civil rights movement, the murder of Emmett Till in 1955 provided much of the impetus for the movement, as well as the legislation that eventually culminated in the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  In brief, Emmett Till was abducted, beaten, tortured, killed, and his body tossed into a river with a fan tied around his neck (with barbed wire) for the egregious act of "flirting with" a white woman.  In contrast, Trayvon Martin was shot in self defense while attacking George Zimmerman.  The two situations are in no way comparable.

Oprah certainly knows this; she's not a stupid woman, by any means.  She couldn't have achieved all she has if her thinking was this shallow, her IQ this low.  However, it panders to her audience's demographic and gets her name into the celebrity news cycle.

Also included in the interview was her recounting of how she was racially discriminated against during a recent shopping trip in Switzerland and how she has had to deal with "sexism" in media, telling how, while "no one in their right mind" would ever call her "the N-word" to her face, she could still tell what people were thinking and feeling in meetings with her and that men resented her because "they're used to being in charge".  Please.

Oprah Winfrey, media mogul, billionaire (or is it billionairess?), playing the VICTIM CARD???

Firstly, in the matter in Switzerland, she entered a high-end boutique and asked to look at a handbag.  A $38,000 handbag!  The salesperson demurred, saying she didn't think she could afford it.  Oprah says this was a racist attitude; although, she admits she was not made up as she usually is, and was shopping without her usual entourage, inferring that the salesperson attending to her may not have recognized her (don't you know who I am?).  Apparently, she isn't as big in Switzerland as elsewhere.

Let's be honest, we've all seen those celebrity "expose's" showing just what our favorite stars look like sans the $100/hr makeup artists and hair stylists.  It usually ain't pretty.  Is it really so hard to imagine that a clerk could doubt someone who looks like an "ordinary" person would be able to afford such an extravagance?  Perhaps she was concerned about a snatch & grab?

As for her complaint that she's still dealing with the "glass ceiling"?  No way. She's the most powerful and influential woman in media today, even owning her own network.  She has no ceiling!

The proof that these people don't really concern themselves with true justice is the deafening silence on matters concerning "black on white" violence.  A current example is the vicious beat down of a young 13yro old white kid by 3 much larger, older 15yr old black youths on a school bus (again, in Florida.  What's in the air/water there, anyway?).  They reportedly issued the beating because the younger kid refused to agree to buy drugs and turned them in to school authorities.  The 13yr old suffered two black eyes, multiple bruises, and a broken arm!  All of this was caught on the buses security camera. To date, none of these so-called "African-American leaders" have spoken out denouncing this attack.  I guess, in their view, the kid had it coming?

These people need to all stop, take a deep breath and think before they spout off their nonsense publicly.  Attainment of their level of wealth and influence carries with it an assumption of the duty to exert that influence cautiously, if at all, and to do so only after taking the time and effort to become honestly informed to ALL the facts of a situation.

This goes for everyone with a public platform.  From President Obama, to Senators, to Congresspersons, to professional athletes, to celebrities, to "reverends" & social activists.  If you're only getting involved because you think you need to in order to hold onto your "street cred", if you're only making public statements about controversial issues out of a need to stroke your own ego or to take a perceived enemy down a peg or two, do us all a favor:  SHUT THE FUCK UP!


Saturday, August 3, 2013

Some Are Just More Equal Than Others

The material for this week comes to us courtesy of those wise counselors in charge of running our country, via the Daily Caller, the Blaze  and other sources.  Please follow the links at the end for the full articles.

Representative Charles Rangel (D-New York) recently remarked that the Tea Party is made up of the same "white crackers" who opposed civil rights in the 1960's south.  In response, Mr. Nigel Innis, chief strategist for (and African-American), denounced Mr. Rangel's comments and accused him of "playing the cracker card" in the same way, and for the same reason, that Southern white Democrats "played the nigger card" during their opposition to the civil rights legislation in the 60's.  Said Mr. Innis, "It is not surprising that lazy, shiftless politicians who have an abysmal record for their community would want to diffuse the issue of what they are doing for their communities by dropping the race card."  Read more...


The NSA's out of control surveillance programs have been criticized by members of both political parties (although, interestingly, not by the "leadership" of either) as an unnecessary infringement on the Constitutional rights to privacy that are supposed to be guaranteed to all citizens.  In response, the defenders of the NSA's intelligence gathering activities have defended the program's expansion, saying that because of the program they have been able to disrupt and prevent some 54 potential terrorist attacks.  Implied in this claim is that these potential attacks were on the American homeland (hence, Homeland Defense).  In point of fact, there were only 13 such disruptions of terrorist activity on American soil.  In order to get to 54, in order to make the program appear more effective and thus, necessary, the agency's defenders had to include as part of the American "Homeland" Canada, Greenland, Mexico and parts of Central America.  I'm sure those other nations and territories will be thrilled to discover that they are considered part of the American empire.  Did we suddenly become Imperial Rome when I wasn't looking?  Read more.....


Liberalism:  Ideas so good they need to be mandatory.  Except for the rich and politically connected.  The Obama administration's Office of Personnel Management is set to grant premium subsidies to Congresspeople and their staff.  These subsidies will amount up to 75% of the cost of the premium.  These subsidies aren't the already promised subsidies for low-income Americans who get insurance under the Obamacare exchanges, subject to income limits.  This is a separate program, without income limits.  That's right, Congress has found a way to exempt themselves from the obligation to follow the law they imposed on the rest of us.  Keep in mind that you will be the source of the funding of these subsidies, that you can't get, for people that make well over the median wage.  In the case of Congressmen, the average pay is $174,000, with some senior staffers making almost as much.  In March of 2010, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R- Iowa) offered an amendment to the Obamacare legislation that would require the senior members of the administration and Congress to abide by the laws provisions, the same as John and Jane citizen.  The amendment was defeated in the Senate.   Read more here and here.


In a related story, in an action that would be jaw-dropping in it's hypocrisy in any other administration, the acting head of the IRS (the enforcement arm of Obamacare) says they want to obtain a waiver for themselves to opt out of participating in the scheme.  The reason?  He likes the health insurance plan he has and doesn't want to switch.  I thought one of the major advantages of Obamacare was that "if you like your  current healthcare plan, if you like your doctor, you can keep it"?  Apparently, not so much.  I guess "what's good for the goose" isn't always "good for the (government) gander".


And finally, while you don't hear much in the national media about the alarming murder rate among black youth in the inner cities (unless a "white" or "white Hispanic" is involved, anyway), conservative websites and blogs have continued to carry the banner demanding that the government spend it's resources addressing this ongoing tragedy, as opposed to continuing the race-baiting witch hunt against George Zimmerman.  Recently, Bill O'Reilly had as one of his guests Illinois State Rep. Monique Davis (D-Chicago).  He brought her on to discuss the extreme murder rate among young black men in the city of Chicago, as well as to address the outrageous statements she made in an interview with a local news outlet.  In the interview, she claimed to have received whispered accusations by her constituents that it wasn't young black youths shooting each other.  Instead, that it was the police who were murdering these kids. 

When challenged on her unfounded and outrageous comments, Ms. Davis refused to accept responsibility, saying that she didn't accuse anyone, she was just repeating what (she claims) her constituents have said to her.  She refused to accept that her repeating of such unfounded, libelous, and inflammatory accusations was irresponsible in the extreme and could lead to even greater violence.

Typical liberal race-baiting agitator.  Throw a race grenade, then duck and cover, denying any responsibility.