Sunday, April 29, 2012

Couldn't make this [stuff] up

Rented a car today for the drive from my home in Vermont to get back to my base of work in Allentown, PA.  Got a pretty good deal. I pre-paid online and got a standard size 4dr for $125 one way, unlimited mileage.  No drop fee.  Other sites quoted around $140 for the rental (plus tax) and an avg of another $130 for drop fee!  No thanks.  I was set up for PU and DRP at 0900. (Sun & Mon).

When I PU the car, I was up-graded to a SUV for free.  Looking at the bill, though, it showed an additional $97.18!

WTF? (Whiskey Tango Foxtrot)  It turns out that since I checked in early (0830) the system automatically billed me for an extra hour @ $81.00!!!  I could have paid $107 and had the car for additional whole day!  The agent told me that if I got the car turned in before 0830 Mon I could get the additional charge waived.

I'm still trying to figure out the math on this.  Let's see......I can keep the car for an additional 24hrs for $107 (plus tax).  That works out to a little less than $4.50/hr.   BUT, if I'm just 30-60min late, it's $81, which works out to as much as $162/hr.  Explain me this?

While I'm on the topic of outrageous, illogical car charges.......where to they get the gas that they refill the tanks with?  The rental counter at pick up showed the average price per gallon locally ($4.03).  You can choose to bring the car back with a full tank, paying whatever the cost is at the pump when you return,  you can choose to "pre-pay" for a full tank at the time you pick up for a slight premium (you pay for a full tank, regardless of how much is left in the vehicle when you turn it in.  Unless you're comfortable taking the risk of rolling in on fumes, you're paying a premium price for gas you'll never use), OR you can elect the "convenience" of signing up for their refill service.  Just bring it in and they'll top it off and bill you for however much gas it takes.  Now, such quality customer service doesn't come cheap.  In fact, I think they have highly qualified, professional fuel management personnel in charge of the process.  They must, since they felt compelled to charge the stimulating sum of............wait for it............$9.29 per gallon!

Figuring that most gas pumps run at an avg rate of about 3gal/minute that means the labor charge for the "convenience" of them pumping the gas for me would run about $105.20 per hour!!   Damn, that's some good gas.

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