Saturday, May 5, 2012


It's finally happened.  KSM and his terrorist colleagues are finally beginning their "date with destiny" in the US court system.  Talk about a waste of time and (our) money.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't KSM already confess (brag about) his role as principle planner to the 9/11 attacks?  Didn't he also ask to plead guilty and be put to death so he could be a "martyr"?  Fer crissakes.  Take his word for it, grant his last wish and hang the bastard already!  His fellow "jihadists" can all have front row seats.  After seeing first hand the rewards they can look forward to for their fidelity of "faith", they can be given the choice of following their comrade into the arms of Allah and the 72 virgin(goats) or of cooperating with the court proceedings and with US military authorities in return for a lifetime of being fed, clothed and sheltered, along with unlimited opportunity to contemplate Allah to their (black)hearts' content.

<sigh> This wouldn't be such an issue if we were still a country that allowed itself to make moral judgements of good and evil, promoting the former and swiftly chastising the latter, as opposed to a country that has allowed it's tradition of tolerance to be corrupted into moral relevancy; where all beliefs are equally worthy of respect and the judgement of right and wrong "depends on your point of view".

War is seldom to be sought, never to be applauded; but if it is to be waged it should be waged as a WAR, where the only just method of conflict is to seek the swiftest, most complete defeat of the enemy possible.  Wars waged in such a way ultimately result in fewer civilian casualties and collateral damage.  The notion of "proportionality of force" in war is nothing more than a Progressive's desire to handicap the forces of justice, and give evil a "fair chance".

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