Saturday, June 16, 2012


V-A-C-A-TION!  First real vacation in years.  Spending a week with my best friend in mid-south Florida.  I know, why would a Vermont Yankee go to Florida in JUNE????  Well, the original plans for March fell through due to unforeseeable family events.  That left me with a choice of either June or August.  Hmmmm, August in Florida.  For a guy who considers 90 degrees a tad too warm?  No contest.

Looking forward to a full week.  We're planning a trip to Busch Gardens in Tampa (my buddy hasn't had a vacation in years, either), some deep-sea fishing, bass fishing Okeechobee, and a trip to the Hard Rock Casino (I'm gonna have fun and "donate to the Indians").  Been a long time coming.  I've put off any of the usual weekly rants this week, but I've heard some sht that about makes my head explode.  I'll talk about that next time.

For those who want some reading material, however: click here   Could this be why Nancy Pelosi said we "need to pass this bill to find out what's in it."?  Thanks go to my brother for providing the link.

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  1. Enjoy your vacation! And to think they say it is going to be around 90 here next week.
    Glad you "liked" the link to that Cato report. Pretty scary stuff. I used to wonder how the legislature in Venezuela could have voted to basically give all power to Chavez for however many years it was. To see that our own legislature basically did the same thing was more than a little shocking.