Saturday, August 4, 2012

Farm Rage?

Well, we've done it again.  My little state has, once again, gotten some national notoriety.  One Roger Pion, from Newport, went on a rampage a couple days ago and crushed several sheriff's department cruisers in a fit of anger over his latest arrest (he's got 17 misdemeanor convictions, already).  Apparently, he believes that the police are "harassing" him.

Here's how it lays out based on what is publicly known so far:  Mr. Pion, by virtue of his previous run-ins with the law (he's referred to as a "frequent flyer", appearing frequently at the County Court-Criminal Division) had his driving privileges revoked.  Unfortunately, he also appears to be one of those people who "always gets caught", resulting in the conviction (pardon the pun) on his part that the police were picking on him.  (As an aside, I'd bet that he has friends who routinely get away with driving without a legal license without getting caught.  This doesn't mean that the police are "harassing" you, Mr. Pion, it means that you are getting caught breaking the law.)  Apparently, Mr. Pion believes that he should not be prosecuted when he breaks the law.

His previous arrest resulted in additional charges when he was found to be in possession of marijuana.  He also (surprise, surprise) physically resisted his arrest and received a bump to the head (he claims a concussion, although he has provided no proof of treatment for such). 

After brooding for awhile on his misfortune, he took a large dual-wheeled tractor from his father's farm, drove to the sheriff's department and destroyed the vehicles, then headed down the road with the intention of going to the Newport City Police Dept. and repeating his actions there.  The Sheriff's Dept, by the way, had nothing to do with his arrest.  He was arrested by the Newport City Police.  When one of the deputies chased him down in one of the cruisers that wasn't damaged in the attack and tried to stop him, he put the tractor into reverse and tried to run over the occupied cruiser (resulting in an additional charge of assault on a police officer), at which point the officers had no choice but to draw their weapons and arrest Pion.  He now faces multiple charges, some of them felonies.

One thing is clear, this guy's an idiot.  A 34 year old loser, he'd fit right in with some of the OWS crowd.

Here's the disturbing part:  as the police sectioned off the crime scene with tape and collected evidence, a crowd gathered.  Many in the crowd of onlookers heckled the police and even cheered Mr. Pion's actions, calling him a "hero".  Hero?  These people are obviously fellow partakers of the herb.  I've also seen far too many postings on social media cheering this idiot's actions, saying there needs to be more like it protesting the "police state".  I thought this knee-jerk rebellion against authority was something people grew out of once they became adults?  Maybe the key involves "growing up".  Mr. Pion obviously still has the childish belief that he should be exempt, if not from the requirement he follow the same rules and laws as the rest of us, at least from any consequence.  He, and his supporters, need to grow up and put on their big boy/girl panties.

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