Saturday, December 29, 2012


Geronimo.  Isn't that what we all used to say as kids when we were jumping off the high dive?

Maybe it'll work the same for the "fiscal cliff".

It's beginning to appear that the "conspiracy theory" I wrote about earlier wasn't so far fetched after all.  With time running out and no sign of compromise, it appears that President Obama is willing to see us all over the fiscal cliff in pursuit of his irrational need to "tax the rich".

Does anyone else see his idea of "compromise" as more than a little odd?  He flies back from vacation in Hawaii to attempt a last minute deal, does nothing more than restate his beginning position of tax increases for those making over $250,000, with possible spending cuts "to be determined later" and tells the leaders of the Senate that if they can't come to a compromise within a couple of days, he demands an up or down vote on his proposal.  Yeah, he's really working hard to meet the Republicans "more than halfway".

I say we jump.  Let's be realistic, the Senate Democrats aren't about to put any proposal on the table that will be at any risk at all of being palatable to Senate Republicans, much less the House of Representatives.  This is all nothing more than political theater.  Theater, I might add, with a tiresomely predictable plot and outcome.

The tax increases will come.  The Republicans, who are doing what they were elected to do (oppose Obama's tax/spend agenda), will get the blame with plenty of media coverage of just how badly Obama wanted to get a deal done and how heartless they were to allow a "middle class tax increase".  Obama will then, via executive order, rescind the cuts to social programs (not the defense cuts), and propose both an extension of unemployment benefits for the long term unemployed (for those keeping score, it's already exceeding 99 weeks) as well as the "Obama Tax Cuts for the Middle Class".

It's gonna happen.  And the low information voters, the one's who showed up to "vote for stuff" will all applaud the President's actions and bow to the altar of Obama, singing his praises to all who will listen.


It's their world now, folks.  All we can do is try to salvage what we can in order to rebuild out of the ashes of the coming Progressive Utopia.


[Publisher's note:  Last week, I opined that the only thing worse than the tragedy in Newtown, CT was the rush by politicians to use the crisis to further their political agendas and hone their own personal axes.  I may have been a little premature.  It came across the news wires today that the first legal action concerning the Newtown massacre have been filed.  The parents of a 6yr old survivor of the attack have filed a lawsuit against the State of Connecticut, alleging their child has suffered by being exposed to the sounds of the attack through the school's PA system.  They are seeking $100,000,000.00 in damages!

It's bad enough that politicians attempt to use the attack to further their own ends, but for a family to prostitute their child's trauma for monetary gain?  Words fail me.]

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