Saturday, March 2, 2013

Quick Hits

Instead of a long rant, I'm just going to hit a few of the high- (low)lights this week.  To begin:

There's the story of a brave high school student from Cypress Lake High School in Fort Meyers, FL.  The 16 year old student saved another from certain grave injury and potentially saved his life by helping to wrestle a loaded handgun away from another student on the bus.  The other student, a member of the football team, had threatened that he was going to shoot the student, a teammate, because he had been arguing with a friend.  What was the reward for this brave student for getting involved and potentially saving a life?  An immediate suspension!  What kind of a world is it that punishes it's heroes?  Here.

Under the heading of "A Special Kind of Stupid", a civilian shopper at a Wal-Mart in Orange City, FL took out his handgun and shot at an occupied vehicle.  The vehicle was being driven by a suspected shoplifter who knocked a woman to the ground in his haste to leave the scene.  The wannabe "hero" as been charged with aggravated assault.  His excuse?  He "wanted to mark the vehicle so police could identify it." Nice going, dumbass.  I guess it never occurred to you that, aside from being incredibly stupid and unsafe to discharge your weapon at an occupied vehicle in the middle of a crowded parking lot, this would be an incident tailor-made for the anti gun zealots to point to as a reason to restrict gun ownership.  In this case, I agree.  This idiot should go to jail and never be allowed to own guns.  He's amply proven that he has neither the temperament nor the judgement necessary to safely be allowed to bear arms. Here.

As part of the ongoing circus that is sequestration, Rep. Maxine Waters (D, California) made these remarks:  “If sequestration takes place, that’s going to be a great setback. We don’t need to be having something like sequestration that’s going to cause these job losses — over 170 million jobs that could be lost."  Umm, no.  To begin, there are only approximately 134 million people currently working in the United States according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  For her remarks to be valid, everyone in the U.S. would have to be fired. Then, I guess we'd have to import another 40 million illegal aliens and fire them, too.  Keep in mind, this is the same Congressperson who had told oil company executives a few years ago that she was "all about" having the government take over and running their businesses.  I don't know what's more troubling, the obvious ignorance (borderline stupidity) of this woman or the obvious ignorance (borderline stupidity) of the people who have kept voting her into office all these years. Here.

School bullies child:  At a south Philadelphia elementary school, little Melody Valentin was subjected to extreme abuse and embarrassment in front of her entire class.  Her "crime"?  Another student saw her throwing away a paper "gun" that her grandfather had made for her the day before.  She discovered that she still had it in her pocket and was throwing it away.  She wasn't playing "cops & robbers".  She wasn't "threatening" other students.  This particular "teacher" didn't care.  He pulled the girl in front of the entire class and berated her at length, calling her a "murderer" and telling this child that he should "call the police" to have her arrested.  The girl was also physically searched while the class looked on!  Her classmates have also kept up the harassment, calling her a murderer and a bad person.  The abuse has been so bad, the child's mother has been keeping her out of that class and is planning to move her daughter to a different school.  The school has a "zero tolerance policy".  Really?  I have a "zero tolerance policy" for child abuse and idiocy such as this.  This so-called "teacher" should lose his job and the school district and administrators who stood by and allowed this to happen should be sued.  There is no doubt that this will affect this poor child for years to come. Video.

And finally, to end on an up note, there's this.  Maybe little Melody could get in touch with 13yr old Katelyn Francis.  I'm quite sure this young lady has no trouble with bullies:


This in incredible shooting for most anyone, much less a young girl.  I'm pretty sure that dad won't have any worries about boys taking advantage of his little girl.

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