Sunday, December 8, 2013

Another Bright Spot

Several weeks ago, I related the story of young Mr. Joey Prusak, the manager of a Dairy Queen in Hopkins, Minnesota who repaid the $20 that was stolen from a blind customer.  This week, I have another remarkable young person to tell you about.

Miss Madison Root is only 11 years old, yet she already outshines many a decade (or more) older.  Like many children young people, she has braces on her teeth.  She decided that she wanted to do what she could to help pay for them.  This being the Christmas season, she came up with the idea of harvesting some of the fresh mistletoe grown on her uncle's farm and selling it at the popular Portland Saturday Market.  The Portland, OR event sounds much like a cross between the popular Farmer's Markets & Craft Fairs in my home state of Vermont.  She gathered up her mistletoe and prepared 100 bags for sale.

This is where young Madison ran headlong into government red tape and overbearing officials.  She was told that she couldn't sell her wares without getting the proper government permits and paying a fee.  What made this even more egregious was the existence of a few panhandlers (beggars) just feet away.  When Madison pointed to them and asked the officer why they were allowed to beg without a permit and she was prevented from earning money, she was told that she could beg if she wanted, she just couldn't sell her goods (earn money) without permission from the government.

What kind of a world are we building?  When young people who have the work ethic and morality to want to earn what they need and show the initiative to develop their own business are actively discouraged from doing so, in favor of begging for handouts?

This could have been the end of the story.  Most 11 year olds (hell, even I, myself) would have said "Screw it." at this point and left, saying to myself "Well, I tried.  Sorry Dad.  I wanted to help you pay for my braces, but they won't let me."  But, no.  She persevered.  Obviously, the cost of any permit fees would have eaten up most, if not all, of what she could have expected to earn from the sale of only 100 bags of mistletoe.  But she refused to quit.  And word got out.

Eventually, her situation was brought to the attention of the producers of Glenn Beck's radio show and to, the news site affiliated with the show.  Mr. Beck interviewed young Madison about her situation, later calling her "one of the best interviews 'ever' to be conducted on his radio show."  And, as he also did previously with Joey Prusak, he decided to see what he could do to help encourage this budding entrepreneur. 

What he did and the response from his listeners was nothing less than astounding.  He arranged for Madison's mistletoe to be offered for sale through one of his websites, The Marketplace by The Blaze.  They initially offered, not 100, but 1,000 bags of mistletoe, hoping to sell it by the end of the day.  They sold out within the hour.  Beck then tried to arrange for an additional 1,000 bags.  They sold out again and the limited-time sale for Madison's mistletoe is now over (although, there are still many worthwhile items remaining for sale).

When Mr. Beck asked Madison where she learned to be such a self-starter and an entrepreneur, she said that her entire family always had "some business" going on and her father was an entrepreneur and small businessman.

This is exactly the type of attitude we need to have fostered in our young people today to combat the indoctrination of the attitude that it's impossible to succeed and you need government in order get by.  This little 11 year old girl, by herself, has put the lie to all of the Progressive Liberal propaganda against the idea that you should pursue your dreams and that you can succeed on your own.


UPDATE:   A staggering 3,000 orders were placed within 6 hours of the 11-year-old’s interview on the Glenn Beck Program.


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