Sunday, June 16, 2013

Put a Little Bacon in Your Beretta

Anyone else remember the old Rocky & Bullwinkle cartoons?  They used to have Rocky intro the commercials by saying "Now for something we hope you'll really like."  Well, I kinda went that way this week.  I wanted to do something different.  I could continue with a litany of the growing count of scandals emanating from the White House and the officials of the Obama administration, there's no lack of material there, but I want to try to resist the temptation to let this blog become too mired in any one single topic.

So today, I decided to "go fishing" and see what I could find that was off beat and (hopefully) at least a little humorous.  Take it away, Rocky: "Now, for something we hope you'll really like!"


So reads the headline of a controversial new product from "Jihawg Ammo" (true).  Their only slightly tongue-in-cheek product is personal defense ammunition formulated specifically for defense against radical Islamic terrorists:  ammunition infused with.............pork!  That's right, put a little bacon in your Beretta!  The idea is that since Muslims regard pork as unclean, and they can't enter paradise if they are contaminated, maybe they'll think twice about attacking if they run the risk of being "befouled" by a 9mm pork rind and not being entitled to receive their ticket to paradise and their 72 virgins.  I love it!  Both funny and practical, it's got people everywhere losing their freakin' minds.  No one has any sense of humor.  I'll take a case.


Yep, believe it or not, even with all of the evidence of dishonest government in the news and on the air, operatives still try to pull one over on the cops (and taxpayers).  This is so transparently fraudulent it's farcical to imagine the thought processes that led to these claims.  The thought that someone even believed they could get away with something like this is hilarious.  Here's the deal:

Organizers of the DNC convention in Charlotte, N.C. nearly eight months ago have filed a claim for lost/stolen electronics with a total value of approximately $500,000.  That's not the funny part, (unless you consider that if liberals can't trust each other not to steal their stuff, who can they trust?) what's funny is the valuations that have been put on some of the items.  Like: $30,503 for an iPhone, $54,250 for a Blackberry, and iPads valued at $15,000.  Many items were listed at values as much as 62x list price!  And all this time we thought it was only the Pentagon who bought $500 screwdrivers and $1000 hammers and stuff...........


Liberal Democrat Senator Mary Landrieu, of Louisiana made mention of the fact that the border fence idea endorsed by conservative Senators such as John Thune of South Dakota was a "dumb fence", as contrasted with the "smart fence" favored by herself and Republican Senator from Arizona, John McCain.  She further suggested that Mr. Thune defer to the opinion of Mr. McCain since McCain's state borders Mexico, while Mr. Thune's home state shares it border with Canada, which as we know is quite different.

And finally:


With the release of the new Superman movie, Man of Steel, Comedian Stephen Crowder has put together a video representation asking (and answering) the burning question, "What if Superman had to join a union?"  Some of the issues our hero has to deal with: a limitation of "one power per superhero, maximum" in order to not put other superheroes "out of business" and the timely payment of union dues.  Some of the comments following the video are even funnier.

All of these stories were found on the website   I had intended to broaden my search but after finding these gems all in one place, I'd be hard-pressed to find better (or worse) examples of Life in America.

I'll probably return to my usual rant next week, but I hope you've enjoyed this little break.  I know I did.


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