Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sticks & Stones



"Faggot. Dyke."

"Wop. Jewboy. Greaser. Polack."

"Slant-eyes. Round-eyes. Haole. Chink. Beaner"

"Camel jockey. Coolie. Coon. Frog. Gook. Guido. Hajji"

"Homo.  Homophobe. Redneck.  Raghead.  Goober smoocherCarpet muncherJungle bunnyPorchmonkeyHymieJigabooKikeOreoPeckerwoodPochaSandmonkeySlopeSpearchuckerSpicSpookSquawSquintTowelheadWetbackWiggerWhiteyWhitebreadUncleTomAuntJemima Honkymotherfucker."

Offended yet?

There has been much in the news lately about so-called "hate speech" and racism.  Paula Deen has lost potentially millions in future revenue and has had her reputation permanently damaged for a remark she made in  private conversation nearly 30 years ago.

A white staffer of a black DC mayor was once forced to resign over using the term "niggardly" in a private staff meeting, because in the eyes (and ears) of over-sensitive liberals and other poorly educated citizens it was "racially insensitive".  (For the record:  NIGGARDLY: adj, Stingy or petty in giving) 

This is the way it goes in modern day America.  In the Age of the Perpetually Offended.  Some (read Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan, Jeremiah Wright, the Congressional Black Caucus, etc. etc.) have even made a profession out of taking offense at assumed bias.

When did we all become so weak that the words of the ignorant could assume so much power?  Whatever happened to "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never harm me."?  While many of these terms are vile in their reference and are undeniably used with intent to inflict pain, it's also true that the only way they can have such effect is if you allow them to.  No one has the power to offend you unless you permit it.

No one has a constitutional right to be free from being offended.  The First Amendment allows even the most reprehensible moron the freedom to fully illustrate his/her ignorance for all to see.  The use of such terms is often the only way they have to feel powerful in the face of their own irrelevance.  The only satisfaction they get is by observing the reaction of their victim to their verbal taunts.  If you don't react, they don't get that satisfaction.  Their power goes away because you refuse to give it to them.

Attorney General Eric Holder once said, in testimony before Congress, that America is cowardly when it comes to discussing race.  Really?  Ok, let's have the discussion.  But first, we need some ground rules.  We can't have a rational discussion or debate, much less make any progress towards a resolution of the issue while we are hobbled by unequal rules.  The same rules need to apply to all, equally, if the debate is to have any value.  Otherwise, it's nothing more than it always has been, a chance for the professionally (and perpetually) offended to beat up on their opponents.

Don Imus temporarily lost his radio program and was vilified nationally by so-called civil rights activists and liberal political pundits for his "nappy headed ho's" comment, yet rap and urban music "artists" refer to black women as "bitches" and "ho's" routinely.

Mel Gibson's acting career went down in flames because of the outcry over his alcohol-fuel rants about Jews.   Has anyone looked into the sermons of "Rev" Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam concerning his views of the Jewish people?  For some reason, he gets a pass.

Has anyone other than FoxNews commented unfavorably on the pronouncements Jeremiah Wright made for 20+ years from his pulpit about "White America"?  If you look, you'll find that most liberals and many (not all) blacks have gone out of their way to excuse his use of inflammatory hate speech.

If a word is offensive, it doesn't matter who uses it.  Still, you can only be offended if you allow it.  Don't give away your power so easily.  Look at the kind of people who use these terms.  Are they really that important?  Do you really care what their opinion is?  I don't.  You shouldn't.


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