Sunday, July 7, 2013

Recommended Monthly Allowance

When I first started this blog the impetus was the requirement by utilities that customers accept the (sometimes forced) installation of wireless "smart meters" that allow government and utilities to monitor, in real time, residential customers' energy usage.  You can access those posts either in the archive or through the links here and here.

In those posts I proposed the theory that the push by government and utilities for these meters could be laying the groundwork for future rationing and control of access to energy.  For example, in times of projected high demand, the government, through the utility, could decide to reduce or eliminate the supply of electricity to one area of the grid in order to ensure availability to "critical infrastructure" or other "essential needs".

In return, I got some responses that said I was some kind of "right-wing conspiracy nutcase".  Well, as the saying goes: "Just because you're paranoid, it doesn't mean that there isn't a conspiracy."

The EPA, in a press release on June 27th, revealed a change in their Energy Star program.  They are going to encourage the makers of refrigerators and freezers to include new technology that will enable "connectivity" between the appliance and the utility.  According to CNS News, this will enable the utility to better manage the grid by remotely controlling energy usage during peak times.  Up to, and including, shutting down the appliances.

Right now, the idea is that the consumer will have to give permission for the utility to connect to and control their appliance.  Wonder how long it'll take for this program to expand to other appliances such as..........air conditioners, for example?  And how long it'll remain "optional"?

This is some potentially serious shit, people.  Let's imagine a significant disruption of the grid on the East Coast.  If/When fully implemented, the utility would have the ability to re-route power from outlying areas (read, so-called "fly over country") in order to ensure power gets to critical areas such as Boston, NYC, Baltimore, and D.C.  How long will the food in your refrigerator stay safe to eat?  How quickly will your home/apartment become unbearable due to the heat after the government shuts down your AC because of "peak demand"?  Heat in the winter?  How often does a winter storm disrupt power?  What happens if you're a senior citizen who relies on a stable supply of power for dialysis?  Or for sleep apnea treatment?  Or to power your portable oxygen machine?

If I were to go way out on the conspiracy limb, such micro-level control of the power supply would make an effective tool for any government interested in control of a restive population.  But.......nah, that's crazy talk.  Almost as crazy as imagining that the government was interested in controlling it's citizens' access to, and use of, electricity.

Just to stir the pot, does anyone else find it curious that the Obama administration's EPA issues these new regulations at the same time that Barack Obama himself is pushing his agenda to bankrupt the coal industry in America by using the EPA regulatory apparatus to enact the carbon control laws he couldn't get enacted through Congress?  The same industry responsible for supplying more than 40% of the nation's energy needs?

Step 1:  Limit electricity availability.  Step 2: Use the limited availability of electricity as justification for enactment and implementation of grid control through the "Smart Grid" and "Smart Meter" technologies.

Sure, I'm paranoid.  My government is making it impossible not to be.


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